How to Select a Mobile RV Repair Service in Glenwood Springs


In 2021, RV ownership hit a record high of 11.2 million US households. During the pandemic, it soared in popularity as an alternative to other travel options. Are you one of the households that bought an RV during the last few years? You likely see already that they take some work to maintain! But this work is best handled by specialists and Mobile RV repair service companies.

How can you find a mobile RV repair service near you? Instead of just searching “mobile RV repair near me,” look out for which of your local services stand out. There are several specific features worth paying attention to.

These top tips ensure that your RV is in the best possible hands while not costing you the earth. Then, read about how to choose an RV repair service and where to find one.

Choosing a Mobile RV Repair Service 

You should always use mobile RV repair specialists to work on your RV. While a car mechanic may be able to treat some problems, RVs are far more complex than any car.

Elements such as plumbing and appliances strain the vehicle differently. A car mechanic will need help understanding how these affect the vehicle’s function and wear and tear. Likewise, only RV specialists have enough understanding of RV design to ensure everything is well maintained.

Even amongst specialists, there are further signs of good repair service. Make sure your specialist repair service fulfills the following six criteria.

These tips will help you hire the right Mobile RV Service in Glenwood Springs.

1. Broad Service List

A business’s service list can help you identify whether they are genuinely an RV specialist. Specifically, the most reliable services maintain and repair nearly every area of the vehicle. Their scope shows they have enough RV knowledge to maintain these areas simultaneously.

For example, does the business offer the following types of RV repair services:

  • Air conditioning
  • Water heaters
  • Generators
  • Awnings
  • Ovens

A company that covers all of these areas will be able to spot an issue in any of them. They can maintain your entire Recreational vehicle. Then you can rest assured that your RV is always ready for the road.

2. Preventative Maintenance

A business that offers all these services can save you money! They have the expertise to identify problems in any area before they worsen. 

This preventative maintenance helps to keep your RV repair costs as low as possible. They address issues before they become more expensive.

Importantly, it also keeps your RV ready for spontaneous trips. Around 90% of RV owners use their RV three or more times a year. To ensure it’s always ready to go, choose a Mobile RV service that will always keep it in good condition.

3. Insurance Repairs

Your mobile RV repair service should also be compatible with your insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to claim certain emergency repairs through insurance. Check that your service can carry out insurance repairs so you can call on them for all types of work.

4. Warranty Repairs

RV warranties can get complicated when dealing with repairs and maintenance. For example, your warranty may require that your RV is repaired with specific certified parts. Wouldn’t it be great if your RV repair service could deal with the manufacturer to check this on your behalf?

The best services do! Leave it to us to handle your warranty RV Services. We’ll ensure that their requirements are followed so that your warranty remains intact.

5. Transparent Pricing

RV repair costs should be clear from the outset. You need to know exactly what you’re paying for so there’s no risk of miscommunication or unexpected fees.

Does your mobile RV repair service have a clear list of service prices?

For reference, consider ours below:

  • $100-200 for a service call
  • $375 for functional and operational checks for Pre-purchase Inspection
  • $125 per hour for troubleshooting and other labor
  • $62.50-187.50 for appliance diagnostic
  • $187.50 per unit for AC installation

These are just a few of our services, but they show how specific and transparent pricing can be. We keep our price list as explicit as possible so our customers know they can trust our work.

6. Good Customer Reviews

Finally, the service should be highly reviewed by customers. This provides the information you can’t get from their website, such as:

  • How punctual they are
  • What their customer service is like
  • Whether they stick to their pricing
  • Their familiarity with various RV models
  • These all indicate that the business is worth working with long-term.

Where to Find an RV Repair Service

These criteria are all well and good, but they do narrow your choices. Finding an RV repair service that’s qualified and a specialist, well-reviewed, deals with insurance – and more – is challenging. That’s why we recommend using a mobile RV repair service.

If you choose a mobile service, you don’t have to settle for a local option that may not meet your needs. And you don’t have to drive for hours or days to find one that meets these standards. That means no cashing out for gas or even hotels along the way.

Mobile services can also help if you have an issue on the road. Wherever you are, they’ll come out for anything from routine maintenance to urgent repairs.

Our company, based in Parachute, Colorado, services Glenwood Springs to meet and surpass all these requirements. We routinely service RVs throughout Western Colorado. Even if you’re further away, we can help!

Mobile RV Repair Near Glenwood Springs

The best mobile RV repair service doesn’t just handle repairs; it helps you find them ahead of time. Preventative maintenance keeps you up and running, ready for the road. That way, you can keep your RV going year-round as problem-free as possible!

Are you looking for a reliable RV repair service that comes to you? You’ve found it!
Wherever you are in the Western Slope, we’ll visit to maintain your RV whenever needed. Schedule an appointment with us today to ensure your RV is ready for your next vacation.


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